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Harry Styles request for Brooke

Brooke got all ready for her date; clad in a black cocktail dress with red pumps, her makeup is perfected, and her hair is braided to the side. She’s pretty nervous for her date tonight but she feels guilty for it more than anything. For her, this date is to try to get over her crush on her best friend, Harry Styles. She’s aware that this could be unfair to her date, a guy she randomly met in starbucks, but it’s just a date, it’s not like she’s agreeing to be the guys girlfriend.

Brooke realized it was time for her to leave so she grabbed her clutch and got into her car since they decided to drive themselves to the restaurant. Luckily the restaurant wasn’t that far from her so she didn’t end up being late like she thought she was going to be. She was able to get a table and patiently waited for her date. After twenty minutes, she was becoming a little worried but this guy really didn’t seem like the type to not show up. She told herself that if he still didn’t show up after fifteen more minutes then he probably wasn’t going to show at all. The fifteen minutes passed by antagonizing slow and allowed her to get lost in her thoughts. All she could think about was the fact that she was being stood up and how badly it hurt and how badly she wished she was with Harry.

She pulled her phone from her clutch and dialed Harry’s number from memory. When he didn’t answer she couldn’t help but get a little emotional. She packed up her things and left the restaurant, not helping the tears from falling. As she was walking to her car her phone started to ring so she answered it not even bothering with paying attention to the caller id.

“Hello?” Brooke asked her voice cracking a bit.

“Brooke, what are you doing calling me? Aren’t you on your date?”

“He stood me up, Harry.” Brooke said crying a little bit more.

“What a douche bag. You’re at The Port, right?”


“Okay stay there.”

Harry hung up before Brooke could ask any questions but no later than twenty minutes, Harry showed up and immediately brought Brooke into his arms.

“I’m so sorry Brooke. That guy is a dick and doesn’t deserve to be with someone as amazing with you.”

Brooke blushed, “Thanks Haz.”

“Now come on, dry those tears. We’ve got a dinner to go to.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know but you got all dressed up, we can’t let it go to waste.”

Harry led Brooke back into the restaurant and proceeded to have dinner with her. When he walked her back to her car Brooke gave him a big hug.

“Thanks for saving my night.” Brooke told him.

Harry grinned, “That’s what I’m here for. I actually really liked going on that date with you. Maybe we should do it again some time.”

Brooke’s eyes went wide as she stared at her best friend, “Uh…what?”

“Come on Brooke, you must know.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused before.” Brooke admitted.

Harry blushed a little but tried to keep up with his confidence, “I like you, Brooke. I always have.”

Brooke’s jaw dropped, “Are you joking?”

“No of course not. I wouldn’t do that to you. I’m actually completely in love with you.” Harry admitted with a slight laugh as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

Brooke stayed quiet for a moment trying to digest everything Harry just told her. Finally it dawned on her that Harry told her he loved her. Brooke grinned and squealed wrapping her arms around Harry who instantly hugged her back. Brooke finally pulled away and blushed a little as Harry’s lips met with hers for the most breathtaking kiss either of them have.

“I love you too, Harry.”

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