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So, as many of you could guess we’re not really writing anymore. We really appreciate all the support we got and thank you so much for everything but nothing gold can stay and the risen sun was too much for her losing eyes, or something, I digress. We’re really sorry but there’s not much you can do about things like this.

We are obviously going to leave the blog up and if by some stroke of magic we write again you will see it here.

If you miss us we will be here, working on this. So if you wanna check those out that’d be cool and if not, that’s cool too.

Thank you so much for everything, I feel like I’m writing a eulogy, thank you and goodnight.

xx Savannah & Amelia


Hey guys I just wanted to let you guys know that I am still working on the one shots that were requested that one weekend in exchange for a youtube subscription. Because these are one shots and the whole story has to happen in one chapter, it takes me a little longer to actually write them out and I have about five to do so that’s why it’s taking so long. I’m like two chapters away from finishing a story though so after that I’m going to be focusing on the one shots and only working on those so you guys can get them.

To anyone who has requested a one shot since that weekend, the one shots were for a special..giveaway? bribe? thing Savannah and I agreed to do. So if you requested a one shot as of recently it’s going to be written as an imagine (which is shorter than one shots). Those won’t be written until after the one shots are done. 

I’m sorry I haven’t had many preferences or requests done lately, I’m kind of drowning in projects but everything should be coming together soon.

You Do Something Embarrassing In Front Of Him

Niall: Feeling romantic Niall decided to cook you dinner. The two of you even dressed up for the occasion and set the mood with candles, calming music and opened up a nice bottle of wine. You thanked Niall for the meal and gave him a kiss before beginning to cut the chicken. You were about to take a bite of the food when it fell off the fork. You squeaked and stuck your tongue out to try and catch it but it landed on your plate. You frowned and tried again, this time successful. You looked up at Niall who was stifling his laughter.

Louis: It was a warm sunny day which is rare for London so your boyfriend convinced you to play a game of football in the local park. Compared to Louis and most people, you aren’t the best player but you tried your best for Louis’s sake. The grass was still wet from the previous days rain storm so when you were running and trying to kick the ball you slipped. You screamed and fell right on your back, Louis asking if you were alright before finally cracking and throwing his head back in laughter.

Harry: You just woke up and were in dire need of coffee so you sleepily got out of bed and walked towards the kitchen to start making some. You turned towards the kitchen to see Harry already making the coffee which distracted you so you wound up hitting your shoulder on the doorframe. You were too focused on the pain in your shoulder that you weren’t paying attention to where you were walking. You stubbed your toe, curse words flowing from your mouth as you limped about, consequently falling because of it. Harry couldn’t help but laugh as you let out a squeal as you fell down.

Liam: It’s no secret that you aren’t a great singer. In fact on your first date with your boy bad boyfriend you told him he would never hear you sing. Nearly six months later that still rings true. One morning though when you were taking your morning shower you completely forgot that Liam was in your room and could definitely hear you. You belted out a number of Liam’s bands songs by the time you were done. When you walked back into your room Liam started clapping cheering for an encore.

Zayn: You were looking through your favorite magazine when suddenly you spot your boyfriend’s band photo with a small spread. You didn’t realize they would be in the magazine so you ended up screaming a little and completely fangirling. You were too busy screaming about how good your boyfriend looked that you didn’t hear him walk into the room. When you finally composed yourself you looked up and noticed him laughing and smiling in the doorway. You knew you’d been caught so you just smiled awkwardly and tried to hide your blushing face. 

You Capture My Attention; a one shot for Brooke

inspired by this song 

Brooke twirled a piece of her hair around her finger as she mindlessly watched TV. She was supposed to be going on a date with none other than Harry Styles but he’s nearly half an hour late so she’s a little worried the date won’t actually be happening. It wouldn’t surprise her really; he’s Harry Styles from One Direction and Brooke, she’s just a student he met at a signing the day prior. Going to the signing Brooke never would have thought Harry would have asked for her number and proceed to ask her out on a date so when Harry actually called her, she was over the moon with joy. She can feel her amusement starting to wear off however as another infomercial screamed at her from the TV. Half an hour later she was ready to just go out with some of her girlfriends when her phone started ringing.

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He Interrupts You While Studying

Harry: With a pen in your mouth you read over the paragraph in your textbook feeling your boyfriends stare. Glancing over at him he simply smiles at you and carefully takes the pen from your mouth and kisses you. You kiss him back but don’t let the kiss become heated to which Harry pouts. “Can’t you be done now?” Harry questions. “Nope, sorry.” You kiss his cheek and take your pen back and focus on your book. Seconds later though Harry is moving your hair and kissing your neck. You tried your best to stay focused but as he started sucking on your skin you figured it was time for a break.

Zayn: You were trying to write a paper for your English class when Zayn got home. You kissed him in greeting but focused back on your work. “Babe.” Zayn pouted sitting down next to you. “Hm?” “I just got home let’s cuddle or something.” Giggling you look at Zayn and kiss him again, “Give me another hour then we can cuddle.” Zayn pouted, not happy with your decision. “I’m sure you need a break, please baby?” “I really need to finish this though. But once I’m done, I’m all yours.” You ignored Zayn’s smirk and attempted to write more of your paper. Suddenly Zayn was moving the pillows behind you and sat behind you, his arms wrapping around your waist and kissing your neck. “What are you doing?” You ask shuddering. “Giving you incentive to finish.”

Niall: “Princess! Do you have ingredients to make cookies?” You didn’t even look up from your book to answer him, “I don’t know.” you say curtly trying to process your history notes. “Will you help me look?” “Babe, I’m trying to study.” “Take a break so we can make cookies!” You sigh and glance up at your boyfriend, “I would but I really have to study for this midterm.” Niall doesn’t say anything further so you figure he gives up on the cookie idea and goes to play his guitar or something; you’re far too focused on studying to really care what Niall was up to. After another hour you finally stop studying and get up from the couch stretching. You walk into the kitchen to see Niall huddled over a plate, “What are you doing?” you question him. Niall looks up and grins at you, “I made you cookies for when you took a break!” You can’t help but squeal and tackle him in a hug, “Thank you so much Niall that is so sweet of you.”

Liam: “Hey babe! Guess what?” Liam asked sitting next to you on the couch. “Hm?” You mumble looking over your notes. “I learned this new beat boxing trick?” “Cool.” You mumble again. Liam pouts and pokes your side making you jump a little, “Can I show you?” You sigh and glance at your boyfriend who was giving you the worst case of puppy dog eyes, “Argh, fine.” Liam smiles happily before beginning to show you what he has been practicing for the past few hours. Just like every time he starts beat boxing you can’t help but find it fascinating and make him show you again and then you make him beat box along with songs on your iPod. You forget all about your homework but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because hanging out with Liam was so much better.

Louis: “Babe!” Louis repeats as he pokes your side. “What!” you yell turning to face him. Louis’s face softens and he bites his lip for a second, “Can we go do something?” he asks. You sigh and rub your forehead, “Lou, I really need to finish this project. Maybe later when I finish.” Louis pouts and it takes everything in you to deny his request. Through the whole afternoon however Louis is interrupting you trying to show you the latest game he downloaded or play you his new favorite song or watch a clip of the funniest video. You’ve finally had enough and take your things to your room and lock the door so Louis can’t bother you anymore. After finishing the project you walk back into the living room to see Louis sitting on the couch looking extremely bored. “I’m finally done.” You tell him. He immediately perks up and grabs your hand, “Yes! Now we can have fun!” 

What You Do For Halloween

Harry: Harry’s hands ran down your thighs and back up before settling them on your hips as you two dance to the music pouring out of the club’s speakers. The only way to get Harry to dress up as Mickey Mouse was to agree to go to a club with him so you decided Harry being Mickey to match your costume as Minnie was definitely worth it. Now feeling the buzz of the alcohol coursing through your system you turn in Harry’s arms and rub your nose with his, giggling as Harry rolls his eyes. “Just give me a proper kiss!” He whines in your ear. “Mice don’t give proper kisses.” You tell him, tangling your hands through his curls at the base of his neck. Harry pouted and framed your face with his hands so you couldn’t move and placed his lips on yours, nibbling on your bottom lip. You can’t help but completely melt into the kiss as your body melts into his and your other hand tangles into his hair as well. “Now that, is a mouse kiss.” Harry winks as he pulls away slightly just to kiss you again.

Niall: After a quick decision of what to do on Halloween you and Niall decided to dress up (Niall as Ellen Degeneres and you as Portia De Rossi) and go bar hopping. The first few bars were duds so you guys huddled together against the brisk air and continued to a bar that seemed to be raging on the inside. The atmosphere was much better and some of your and Niall’s friends ended up being at the bar so as a group you went around town together. As a group you guys find a karaoke bar and drunkenly sing along to classic songs and the latest Top 40 songs. Well into the night when you and Niall were stumbling home you stopped walking, staggering a little and called for Niall. “Ellen!” You yell. “Give me a big fat lesbian kiss!” You continue to yell giggling the whole time. Niall laughs and stumbles back to you, wrapping his arm around your neck and giving you a sloppy kiss.

Liam: You and Liam decided to stay in for Halloween and watch scary movies and hand out candy to the kids in the flat complex. The two of you have already watched Signs, The Blare Witch Project, The Others and The Omen. You were in the middle of watching the original Exorcist when there was a loud knock on the door making you jump making popcorn fall everywhere as you scream. You hold a hand over your heart as Liam tries not to laugh at you and goes to hand out candy to the trick or treaters. “Babe, are you alright?” You swallow the lump in your throat as you wipe popcorn off of the couch, “Oh you know I just had a heart attack but I’m fine.” Another knock on the door made you jump again, “I’m fine.” You squeak out as Liam chuckles. “We don’t have to watch it.” Liam tells you as he sits back down. “No, No, it’s alright.” You tell him hiding your face in behind his shoulder, “You’re not leaving my side though.”

Zayn: “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Zayn muttered as you tugged on his hand making him follow you and his sisters. “Oh don’t be such a party pooper!” You tell him giggling. “I’m nineteen I shouldn’t be trick or treating!” Zayn huffed, “And dressed up for that matter! Shouldn’t Doniya be doing this?” You rolled your eyes and fixed the small hat on his head that completed his Aladdin costume, “Oh cheer up Zayn,” you tell him. “Yeah cheer up Zaynie!” Safaa, his youngest sister, yells turning around and sticking her tongue out at him. Zayn responds by sticking his tongue out right back at her. “Oh real mature.” Waliyha comments. “You can stick your tongue out but not dress up and take your sisters trick or treating?” You stifle a laugh as Zayn glares at his sister. “Whatever.” Zayn mumbles. Once back at Zayn’s childhood home he tries to steal some of your candy but you hit his hands and push him away, “This is my candy, I earned this. You should have brought a bag to get your own.”

Louis: Louis declared that any Halloween party that he didn’t throw would be completely awful so he decided to throw his own party at your shared flat. You helped him set up decorations and move all of the furniture in the living room. The kitchen was littered with food and candy while the living room was made into a make shift dance floor. The whole flat was pitch black except for strobe lights in the living room and a few small lights in the kitchen. This was so Louis could hide and scare people, he dressed in all black for this reason as well. Even though you knew of Louis’s many pranks for the night you still fell for every one of them just like the rest of your friends. Despite having to look over your shoulder every couple of seconds to make sure Louis wasn’t planning anything the party was a huge hit and everyone declared Louis the official party thrower for Halloween. 

Fans Ask When Him You’re Getting Married

Harry: Harry’s eyes grow wide at the question and he looks around for a moment before looking back at the fans. “I don’t really know.” He responds still taken aback by the question in the first place. He’s even more shocked when the fans groan and tell him to hurry up and put a ring on your finger.

Liam: Liam couldn’t help but smile at the fans question, his heart seeming to swell due to the fact that the fans accept you so well. He rubbed his newly shaved hair and shrugged, “I don’t know girls but she’s definitely the one.”

Louis: He could hear a few of fans whispering about where you were or if he’s ‘finally moved on’ and other nasty things. He was about to leave the group of fans when a girl called out to him, “Louis, ignore what those girls are saying.  A lot of us love (Y/N) and we can’t wait for you guys to get married so hurry up!”

Niall: A blush rose to Niall’s already pink cheeks as he tried to think of an appropriate response to the fans question. Niall shrugged, “You think she’ll say yes?” The question made the fans start firing off many reasons why you would say yes, all of them making him smile. “Okay well when I decide to ask her, you guys will be the first to know.”

Zayn: Zayn knows to expect questions about his relationship in interviews but when one fan question was when you and Zayn were getting married, he was taken back but he smiled at the idea. “Well we’re not engaged yet.” Zayn explained making the crowd of fans boo. “But maybe soon.” He continued winking which made all the girls scream. 


Savannah and I have a new video which you can watch HERE! When we hung out last weekend we filmed a few new videos so watch out for those. 

I have a few preferences stocked back up so yay! Also, I’m still working on one shots so don’t worry- I didn’t forget about them. I’ve just been a bit busy and I do have quite a few to write.

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The Little Things He Adores About You

Zayn: Although it’s rare, he loves waking up before you so he can watch you wake up. You slowly open your eyes and look around as you stretch, your legs lift off of the bed and your arms rise over your head as you sigh before falling back onto the bed and curling into Zayn’s side. It leaves a smile on his face as he murmurs how cute you are.

Harry: Harry loves the way your eyes squint and your head tilts back when you laugh. He has a great sense of humor so he is always making you laugh just so he can see you so happy. He also really loves the sound of your laugh so anytime he can hear it; he does everything he can to make you laugh.

Niall: Niall loves eating and trying new food so when he found out that you loved eating as much as he does, he was overjoyed. He loves the fact that you aren’t ashamed to eat and are willing to try new cuisines. He would love you regardless of your appetite but he adores taking you on dinner dates.

Liam: You have this knack for knowing how Liam is feeling; whether it’s happiness or anger or sadness or irritation. You know just the right things to say and always make him feel better. With Liam’s busy life he needs one constant who can remind him that everything is okay and he loves knowing that you are that person.

Louis: Anytime you are within distance of Louis you are holding his hand or his forearm. Your hand has a tendency to be a little colder than his so he loves keeping you warm. Your hand is also a lot smaller than his yet your hands fit together perfectly. Louis loves having you by his side and wouldn’t have it any other way.  

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